Fat Logic

Recently there’s been a lot of fat bashing going on in this new world, however, on the other side of the arguement, people are trying to protect the sanctity of fat girls everywhere. I, at first glance, appreciated the “fat acceptance” movement as just another form of equality.

The truth, however, is not so black and white. Women say they were created in God’s divine image, and by bashing themselves they are bashing the Creator and his work. But let’s take a moment to think about this logically, God didn’t make you 250 lbs with an onset of Type 2 Diabetes and a lifetime of heart problems. He also didn’t make someone so thin their ribs protrude from their skin either.

In life, there are an umpteen number of situations that you are just not in control of. Fortunately, and I suppose, unfortunatly for some, your weight is not one of those uncontrollable things. Coming from a “fat girl” I know my body is the result of sneaking pretels, pop tarts, and other snacks into my room at midnight so my parents wouldn’t know how much I was really eating. (As if they had no idea why I was gaining so much weight). Even as I have moved out, I know the pudge on my belly isn’t going anywhere by eating a whole box of shell noodles in the middle of the night, and eating the whole pepporoni stuffed crust pizza all by myself.

I have heard many people say this, and the statment is so very right, it is not wrong to love your body fat, skinny, pregnant, or anywhere in between. What is not okay, however, is the promotion of fat acceptance, because it’s not about loving yourself big, it’s about an unhealthy lifestyle, one that will surely shorten your life span and make your years much harder. The issue is the health reprocutions that come with being overweight. Severe damage to your joints, bones, nerves, most of all your heart.

Everyone could use a walk around the block now and then, even that skinny girl next door, if nothing but to improve your health.

Remember that being skinny doesn’t find you love, cute clothes, or even get you into heaven, but being fat doesnt either. So once in a while, put down the slice of pizza, and grab some veggies and tuna.